6 Powerful Symbols of Independence

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Symbols are the words of mankind. They have grown with us since the dawn of civilization and played a crucial role in encouraging communication and representing ideas. We draw power from their meanings, and it enhances our personal, national, and global identity.

Thus, under the flag of the 4th of July, we have compiled a list of symbols for you that convey the meaning of independence. So, if you are looking for some inspiration for your composition to evoke feelings of freedom and strength, give the symbols below a read. You might be surprised by a few!

1. Bald eagle

The bald eagle has been the national bird of the United States since it was placed on the Great Seal in 1782. These majestic birds symbolize authority, determination, and independence because of their physical strength and long life. Living on the tops of high trees and noble mountains, bald eagles usually fly alone – they rise above all that would drag them down and keep their eyes on the horizon, chasing their goals independently.




2. Wolf

Wolves are predators with a resilient spirit, driven by the ease of following their instincts. They are great at teamwork, but never hesitate to take the lead. Although studies claim that dogs became our best friends when we domesticated wolf puppies some 14,000 years ago, the species of wolf kept its independence and chose to live wild and free. And their appetite for freedom ranks them as one of the most popular emblems of independence.





3. The Heather Flower

Growing in mountainous areas, heather flowers can survive severe rain and violent wind. Because of their persistence, these flowers have always been associated with strength and free will. They grow in wild bushes and their colors completely change the additional meanings they basically symbolize. For instance, purple heathers stand for beauty, pink ones are the sign of love and passion, while white heathers are the icons of good luck.




4. Butterfly

The symbol of butterfly is a major cultural element around the world. From Mexican to Japanese folklore, butterflies are identified with eternal good. Besides their various meanings such as joy, love, peace, and youth, they represent independence. They transform from insects into charming creatures and wing the air to grow and explore, so they are the sign of a free, independent spirit.





5. Mermaid

It is no coincidence that mermaids have earned their unique place in many different mythologies. Being featured in legends, fairy tales, and today’s pop culture too, mermaids are mainly known for their magical look of a human upper body ending in a fishtail and their habit of singing enchanting songs. They are the sign of individuality and independence because they can make wild waters their home, living the free spirit of the sea. Usually, they are depicted as headstrong creatures who do not endure control and swim away when it feels heavy.





6. Badger

Primarily, badger symbolism involves strong grounding and increasing self-sufficiency. Badgers are kind spirit animals that prefer safety and protection, but when it comes to leaving their comfort zones, they emerge as determined and fierce individuals who cannot be distracted from their goals. If they show up in your dreams, it means that things might not go as planned and you should allow your independence to gain ground.





Symbols are perfect for reflecting your true self and that’s the reason they serve as the pillars of art, along with every tattoo artwork. So next time you will be creating a sketch for a customer who aims to reflect the spirit of independence with powerful themes on his or her skin, consider these 6 symbols above!

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