REBEL Precision Driven Tattoo

We are a precision-focused tattoo equipment manufacturer & supplier in New York, founded by internationally recognized tattoo artist Caesar The Hun. We specialize in progressive, industry-specific equipment that empowers our fellow tattoo artists to work comfortably and efficiently.

Our mission is to support driven tattoo artists in boosting their productivity with our high-quality, durable tattoo equipment.

We believe in quality, professionalism and the FREEDOM OF CHOICE. And we know from experience that the spirit of your artwork will come through authentically when you have the courage to be different.


The REBEL Story

Backed by 25+ years of experience, Caesar managed to find the ideal equipment he wanted to work with which led him to develop and manufacture his own unique formula of Gray-Wash ink set called Killer Silver – “The se7en Deadly Shades”.
One day, on his way home from his tattoo shop, Caesar was on the New York subway, and his brain kicked off an idea of a unique wireless tattoo machine to set tattoo artists free from the wired limitations. He knew he had to take this sparkling idea and make it real, so he grabbed a piece of paper and started doodling the initial idea right away. Soon after, he started to work with engineers to bring his vision to life. 
As he wanted to give back to the industry, he founded REBEL Tattoo Machine LLC in 2018 to help fellow artists level up their artwork by developing precision driven equipment for them.
The REBEL team works hard every day to provide you with technical innovations backed by solid industry experience. Being fellow tattoo artists, we hear you. We know the nitty-gritty of tattoo sessions and our aim is to help you make that perfectly crisp line or that beautifully realistic jaw-dropping piece, while bringing an extra level of comfort to those sessions.
High-performing professionals need top-notch tools. And we have them for you at an affordable price, so you don’t have to worry about the quality  and consistency of your tattoo equipment anymore. Just focus on YOUR ART and leverage your talent!


REBEL Precision Tattoo Cartridges

We have been scouting the right tattoo needle manufacturer for a long time to create the quality needle and tattoo cartridge combination that we desired. After a long and bumpy trial period, we created the REBEL Tattoo cartridge line – the products that we are truly proud of. And we only sell what we work with in our tattoo studio.

We offer affordable, safe, and easy to work with cartridges with a wide variety of needle configurations, along with responsive manufacturing and shipping.