About us

REBEL  – The Brand

REBEL is an up and coming brand in the tattoo industry. The brand was established by Caesar TheHun, who is an internationally recognized tattoo artist. REBEL is the new name for quality tattoo equipment. We specialize in progressive, industry-specific equipment that empowers our fellow tattoo artists to work more comfortably and more efficiently. Though the REBEL company was just established in 2018, it has over 25+ years of experience behind it, with innovation at its core and the tattoo artist in mind all the time. The company is headquartered just outside New York City, NY.
The company slogan, ”PRECISION DRIVEN TATTOOING” is our mission and our goal. We strive for quality rather than quantity. And we don’t sell what we don’t use in our tattoo studio.

REBEL Precision Tattoo Cartridges

We have been scouting the right tattoo needle manufacturer for a long time, in order to be able to create the quality needle and tattoo cartridge combination that we were after. We offer affordable, safe, and easy to work with cartridges with a wide variety of needle configurations, along with responsive manufacturing and shipping. After a long and bumpy trial period, we created the REBEL Tattoo cartridge line – products that we are truly proud of.

The Machine

Caesar has been tattooing since the mid 90’s. He is a self taught tattoo artist, therefore everything he stands behind today has been based on his own trial and error process. Years of experience led to Caesar finding the right equipment, and eventually led to him developing and manufacturing his own Gray-Wash ink set called Killer Silver the “The se7en Deadly Shades” .This process provided Caesar with an opportunity to learn and master every aspect of ink formulation – from chemistry to manufacturing. Caesar set up the right equipment to be able to do everything in house, with the exception of sterilization and microbiological testing. which, in order to maintain quality, must be done out of house by a third party.
After this years-long process, Caesar had the urge to do something new again. This time, he wanted to build a wireless tattoo machine. It would be a one-of-a-kind innovation that could follow the wireless world trend while freeing up the tattoo artists! They could move away from cables permanently – just like we did with phones. To begin, an in depth search needed to be done to find the right engineers who could bring his vision to life. As a result of this collaboration, REBEL – The Machine, was born. First on paper, after thousands of hours of engineering work, the prototypes were designed and built to take the beating of every day use. Rigorous hardware and software testing was done, and as a result, a reliable, affordable, and useful workhorse for the everyday on-the-go tattoo artist was created