FREE SAMPLE variety pack of REBEL Precision Tattoo Cartridge
Limitation: This item is limited to one item per customer.

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Why are we offering FREE SAMPLES of REBEL Precision Tattoo cartridges?

Our goal with the FREE SAMPLE tattoo cartridge package assortment is to give all of our fellow tattoo artists an opportunity to fall in love with the way we’ve developed our tattoo needle cartridges.
We are aware of how crowded the market is right now – you see brands with different colors, designs, and prices – many of which work perfectly fine; but then again, many of them do not. We know because we keep our eyes on the market. Therefore, we know our position on the lack of quality you get for value – so we’d like you to experience our products instead, and confirm that we’re right about it.

REBEL is giving you a little appetizer to snack on before you get a taste for the entire menu.
We’re giving you a chance to try out a few cartridges from the over 40-needle configurations we offer, so you can experience them for yourself and get a feel for it.

We hope that you inspect it, take it apart, loop it, smell it, and ultimately, love it!
You will receive a few of the most popular, best-selling configurations from our REBEL Precision Tattoo Cartridge line – not our leftover or hardly used tattoo needles; keep this in mind.

You will get a variety pack. 2-pieces of our small Round Liners (typically a 5 round liner, bug-pin) for the fine lines, a 2-pieces set for bolder lines (typically 9 liners), a 2-pieces of Round Shaders (typically 14 round shader), a 2-pieces of our Magnum cartridges (13 regular Magnum needle), and finally, a 2-piece set of Curved Magnum precision cartridges (11 curved Magnum). This is how your 10-piece assortment variety pack comes.
REBEL Precision Tattoo Cartridges are a worthy competitor to top brands such as TATSOUL, Helios, Cheyenne, Kingpin, Prime, Peak, Stigma, or T-Tech tattoo needles.

The 10-point quality check inspection during the manufacturing process assures the required continuous quality level in each and every cartridges we sell.