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What is a tattoo needle cartridge?

It is an innovative tattoo needle device that revolutionizes the tattoo industry. The most important features of this product are:

    • Disposable: It intends for the single use and then you should thrown it away. Therefore, it also means there is no chance of cross-contamination between artist and client.
    • Safety; for both artist and client, because we do not expose needle tip  when the tattoo machine is running.
    • Reduced setup time: Set up takes only a fraction of the time. You do not need to set up multiple machines with multiple  different needle configurations.
    • Quick change: Above all, it’s easy to change needles on the fly during tattooing
    • Easy Clean: In addition, between different colors or filled up/clogged needles

We design our REBEL Precision cartridges with the classic 2-piece housing system. Moreover, our Precision cartridges also feature signature red membrane cap.

Therefore, the clear tip and black housing are two separate pieces. These pieces just snap together without a problem. We do not glue them. Moreover, they’re not loose either, so they won’t fall off during the tattooing session.

The main reason we decided on this structure versus the one-piece system. In other words, our tattoo artists are able to remove the clear tip during the tattooing session and clean the needles manually and quickly.

This way, it’s easy to remove the ointment/skin/ink mixture that gets stuck between needles, and allows the needle configuration to remain at 100% sharpness and not dull or clogged. you can apply the same manner for color change.

11 Reasons to get REBEL Precision Cartridges:

Precision – Extra Long needle drive for the ultimate control and the finest lines
High Performance – REBEL membrane system is top of the line

Safety – #1: The membrane system keeps the sharp needle points inside the cartridge, so you’re not able to poke yourself and get infected with your client’s blood.

              #2: the membrane prevents the ink from back-splashing into your machine.

              #3: Ethylene Oxide sterilization (EO) for client safety

Compatibility – REBEL Precision Cartridges are compatible with most grips on the market

Stability – Maximum length needle drive mechanism for the perfect wobble-less, with no side play and full needle movement stability.

Healing – In addition, most optimized medium tapered needles for the least traumatic skin trauma and penetration for the most optimal healing.

Consistency – Above all, we guarantee continuously high needle quality and assembly quality by the 10 point quality check. Our products feature surgical grade 304 stainless steel needle material and medical-grade plastic parts. We use lead-free soldering components and NASA-grade glue.

Innovation – Highest grade materials used during manufacturing

Variety – Wide selection of needle configurations

Technology – Most effective needle tapering for the best ink flow, allowing for optimal pigment building into the skin

Credibility –  In addition, Rebel Cartridges are backed by world-renowned tattoo artists

What tattoo needle configurations does REBEL have to offer?

REBEL Tattoo equipment offers over 40 needle configuration for the tattoo artists in 4 major categories 

    1. REBEL Precision Round Liner cartridges
    2. Second, REBEL Precision Round Shader cartridges
    3. Third, REBEL Precision Magnum cartridges
    4. Fourth, REBEL Precision Curved Magnum cartridges

We target all the categories above to supply the highest available quality for the tattoo artist.

What is the difference between these needle categories?

We manufacture them in different needle configurations and variations to serve different tattooing techniques. In addition, they all have different capabilities and features that the others don’t.

How are REBEL Precision Tattoo cartridges different from other competitors?

2 words for you: Precision Driven

We create our REBEL cartridges specifically for high-performance tattooing. We  kept tattoo artists in mind throughout the entire design and development process. In other words, it helped us in our mission to make the perfect tattoo needle.

    • Individually packaged in blister packaging, EO gas sterilized and individually inspected
    • In addition, we package our blister trays in recyclable paper boxes
Tattoo Usability

REBEL cartridges are designed to satisfy tattoo artist. These artists perform completely different styles. 

These styles include everything from the finest point and line control. You get everything for miniature tattoos.

Similarly, they also include blackout tribal style tattoos with large solid areas. In addition, it also includes realism tattoos with full shade control. You can find your preferred needle configurations.

Additional Features:
    • Silent Cartridge movement
    • Low vibration comforting the artist
    • High-performance membrane system


(6 customer reviews)
(2 customer reviews)
(1 customer reviews)
(3 customer reviews)