REBEL Round Shader cartridges

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We design REBEL precision round shade tattoo cartridges ad for creating shads in your tattoos. Just like other shader configuration, these different size needle configurations have their own unique feature. These different properties make them a necessary part of your tattoo supply inventory.

REBEL Round shader tattoo cartridges will satisfy your wildest requirements for how you can cover the skin surface. You can also create a unique texture in your tattoos that not many other variations can.

REBEL Precision Round Shader tattoo needle configurations are available in 6 variations from 7 needles to the bold, surface-covering 18 round shader configuration.

The difference between round liners and shaders is the way of grouping of the needle tips. Are they ending in a point, or almost like parallel lines next to each other to cover the biggest area that the tattoo needle variation allows.

Moreover, this manufacturing method makes the round shader tattoo needle configurations an ideal tool for covering larger skin surface in a nice and solid way. packing the pigment evenly into the skin for long-lasting results.

Because of the nature of this needle configuration, it is quite popular in the black and gray tattoo world. It’s used to create smooth, subtle transitional shades, and can be used to pack color pigments into the skin while running over each shade as a security cover to ensure a spotless surface.

In addition, these features make it a key component of your tattoo cartridge inventory. At least as good for coloring as it is for black and gray shading.

    • REBEL round shader tattoo cartridges work in all tattoo styles
    • Designed to cover medium skin surface
    • The main function is shading property

REBEL FREE SAMPLE – variety pack includes these needle configuration so you have a chance to try them out.

(4 customer reviews)