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Please share your opinion and experiences with our REBEL precision-driven tattooing equipment, so your fellow tattoo artists can have an easier time making a decision to invest in tools that will ultimately make them more money, faster, all while ensuring exceptional quality and high-performance.

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Referral program

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Commission based Promotional work

The more you refer, the more you make. We offer a monthly, or you can also decide to keep your commission as a credit toward your next purchase to use it whenever you feel like it.



Do you feel like belonging somewhere, and being part of a new, upcoming brand that you can represent and promote with your heart and believe? Do you feel like representing REBEL as a quality tattoo equipment manufacturer?

We are totally open to experience-based sponsorships – meaning, you’ll need to try our product first, and if it works with you, then we can talk about the details. Honesty first! We don’t want to be a hypocrite company.

To ensure all of our tattoo artists are happy, we offer a tiered sponsorship system. Plus, keep your eyes open for our referral program as a way for you to make some extra money.

Our sponsorships offer 3 tiers you can choose from when purchasing your cartridges:

10% OFF, 20% OFF, and the highest level – 30% OFF.

Your placement into the fitting categories will depend on your marketing activity. We start with 20% OFF for first-time start-ups (use coupon code: FIRST20 at check out), and we’ll review your marketing activity after a month or so and discuss possibilities from there. All we ask for is social media shout outs for our REBEL products. Please use @rebeltattomachine in all of your posts, all the time. Without using @rebeltattoomachine and only #rebeltattoomachine, we will not be able to see or evaluate your promotional work. Easy. Piece of cake!

Note: be aware that a short, 3 sentences minimum testimonial and product reviews on our website will be required and pre-conditional to the decision of your sponsorship application. If these are not completed, we can not consider your application.

We will handpick the best performing artists that we’ll be able to comfortably work – so please don’t be upset if you’re not chosen. Unfortunately, we can’t sponsor/support everyone, only a selected group of artists.

The best performing tattoo artists will be presented to the world on our website and pending an agreement to be a REBEL CREW Member, the others will receive discount prices on every purchase they make.