REBEL-Precision Cartridge - BUGPIN ROUND 3 Liner - Needle

BUGPIN and POWER LINER needles in REBEL inventory

For the high popularity we are proud to announce the from now on REBEL BUGPIN- and POWER Liners are in stock.

There is a lot of misinformation regarding the phase of BUGPIN and POWER Liner. Taper is commonly mixed with needle diameter. If you with to know a bit more about this topic and clear the fog up, Caesar has put a little presentation together explaining the  situation.

REBEL-Precision Cartridge - POWER 18 Liner - Needle



REBEL precision cartridges

Are you missing the little plus from your artwork that make is crispy and sharp?

We have developed the solution for you and offering a variety pack of REBEL precision cartridges for falling in love of the red cap promise.

This FREE assortment box is giving you a little appetizer of all of the REBEL needle configuration categories – liners, shaders, magnums, curved magnums – 10 pc all together for a wicked shipping price of $6.66.

All you need to do is to complete the checkout and your professional tool is on its way to you to make sharper, nicer, crispy tattoos with a more satisfied clientele.




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We develop our REBEL product and we are 100% sure it will not disappoint you. With over 25 years of experience and dedication to the art, it is our goal to contribute meaningfully to the industry.

We offer different structure of sponsorship depending on the intensity and nature of our marketing relationship.





We would like to meet you on any of the tattoo conventions and offer you promotional prices on your REBEL precision tattoo cartridges.

REBEL Tattoo Machine - Conventions




REBEL tattoo equipment manufacturer is a trusted brand in the tattoo industry, well know as a high-quality tattoo supply. Although the company itself is new, our experience is 25 years in the making.

We are tattoo artists who’ve decided to contribute to the industry even more so by creating high-quality, durable tattoo equipment that truly lasts long. 

Our experience and technical innovations are our contributions to the industry’s continuous improvement and are what keep the tattoo industry growing. We are proud to leave our mark and a lasting legacy in this process. 

Our tattoo machines have been designed, assembled, glued, and built entirely in-house in our New York office, all from scratch. 

Through every step of the process, we keep the tattoo artist’s needs in mind, because we know the nuances that make for a more comfortable tattoo session. Our REBEL tattoo machine and accessories are meant to add an extra level of comfort to those sessions.

Our high-performance membrane tattoo cartridges are designed for precision work, because it’s our mission to give you the right tools to make that perfectly crispy line or that beautifully realistic piece that makes jaws drop. This result makes REBEL tattoo equipment manufacturer one of the leader to look up to.

We believe you can only create high-quality tattoos with high-quality tools, and we’re here to provide them, so you can focus on what your life’s work is all about: TATTOOING.

If you are located in the United States and want to place an order, please visit our online store and choose your preferred tattoo supplier. If you live outside the US, please visit our international authorized Distributors.

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