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Liner Tattoo Needle Configurations

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As the name suggests, round liner configurations only serve the purpose of making lines and hard edges (as a photo-realistic technique because the line doesn’t exist in nature). They are not an ideal tool for covering larger surfaces or shading. Liner tattoo needles are easily recognizable because the needles are tightly grouped together and end in almost a point. This allows the tattoo artist to create a sharp, crisp mark on human skin. They are perfect for technical work and tiny details.

When it comes to art and especially painting, hard edges and lines are made by a liner paintbrush which is what we are mimicking in the tattoo industry. That way, we’re able to use the same technique to create the same effect.

Liner Tattoo needle configurations compare to artist paint brushes

Liner tattoo needle configurations are usually made of long tapered needles but certain manufacturing companies also offer them in extra-long tapered versions. As we already mentioned in our previous “tattoo needle categories” blog post, they can be manufactured from all 3 commonly used tattoo needle gauges.

  • .25mm – FINE – #8 is the standard system (US) designation
  • .30mm – NORMAL – #10 is the standard system (US) designation
  • .35mm – FAT – #12 is the standard system (US) designation

Note: ALL REBEL Liner configurations are LONG tapered.

When a tattoo needle is manufactured from .25mm – FINE – #8 wire gauge, it is commonly called BUGPIN. 

Note: don’t get the term “gauge” confused with the term “taper”!

The name “Bugpin” probably refers to the fine gauge pins that people use for pinning butterflies because the .25mm long tapered needles can be manufactured to be so sharp and thin like the pins used to display the butterflies.

The number of soldered needles range from a single (1) liner to around 18 needles. This amount usually increases in odd number configurations like 3, 5, 7,9, 11, etc. Round liners are not typically manufactured in more than 18-needle configurations.

The general ID or mark of this group in the tattoo industry is RL = Round Liner. The number of needles and configuration type results in the name: so a 7-needle round liner would be 7-RL,  an 18-needle round liner would be 18-RL, and so on. Of course, we use the same system here at REBEL, but we also insert our brand abbreviation: RTC – stands for REBEL TATTOO CARTRIDGES.

REBEL Tattoo Cartridge – 9 Round Liner = RTC-9RL

Now, I would like to explain the total diameter (thickness/gauge) of different needle configuration as it hasn’t been clearly explained (at least not by any tattoo artists I know) and there are a lot of misconceptions out there.

REBEL-Precision Cartridge - BUGPIN ROUND 7 Liner - Needle
REBEL-Precision Cartridge - ROUND 9 Liner - Needle
REBEL-Precision Cartridge - POWER 11 Liner - Needle

First of all, let me familiarize you with the REBEL Liner cartridge inventory and then I’ll explain the logic as to why we offer this kind of selection.

NOTE: ALL REBEL Liner configurations are LONG tapered.

REBEL Liners vary in common gauges along with the number of needles that make up the configurations. All configurations have a final WORKING DIAMETER or working gauge/working thickness, which is one of the most important properties.

Working diameter - Round Tattoo Needles - Tattoo cartridge - REBEL

Working diameter is the diameter of the final soldered needle configuration that we use for tattooing. This determines how thick of a line we can create.

Chart of Inventory Strategy - Round Liner Tattoo Needles - REBEL
    • REBEL Needle configuration made from .25mm (#8 US) needles are called BUGPIN Liners
    • REBEL Needle configurations made from .30mm (#10 US) needles are called STANDARD/Round liners
    • REBEL needle configurations made from .35mm (#12 US)  needles are called POWER Liners

This chart explains the correlation between manufactured liner needle configurations and the wire gauge they are made from. 

The Metric system is easier to understand and represents the correlations, but at the same time, you can study the standard system measurements as well.

Chart Gauge compare between liner tattoo needle configurations - tattoo cartridges - REBEL

As you can see, we have the same needle configurations for all 3 sizes of needles (same color code) but there is still a difference among them because they are made up of different diameter/gauge needles. Therefore, they can provide the same working diameter. Logistically, smaller gauge needles need a higher quantity in order to reach a certain size, compared to bigger gauge needles. This is why we have an overlap between their’s working diameter. When analyzing the chart above, we can come to the conclusion that, for example, the working diameter of the 7 Round liner needle configuration from #8 (.25mm) is the same as or equal with the 5 Round Liner configuration made from #10 (.30mm) and the 3 Round Liner needle manufactured from #12 (.35mm). Check out the chart below, which is organized by working diameter and configuration.

Chart of Liner Tattoo Needle compare by the gauge - tattoo cartridge - REBEL

Looking at the chart, you can conclude that there are 5 working diameter sizes that can be manufactured from all 3 gauges of needles: 0.7mm, 0.85mm, .98mm, 1.10mm and 1.2mm (green columns)

Additionally, a 0.60mm working diameter can be manufactured from .25mm and .30mm needles and a 1.35mm working diameter size can be made from .30mm and .35mm needles (blue columns).

The rest of the working diameters are only manufactured from a certain gauge (red columns).

By paying careful attention to common sense, REBEL Round Liner inventory has been set up accordingly to cover the wide available range of working diameters in order to satisfy any and all tattoo artists and their unique needs.

Chart of Inventory Strategy - Round Liner Tattoo Needles - REBEL

If you found valuable and interesting information in this article … please leave a comment below … so we will know.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next article!


If you found valuable and interesting information in this article … please leave a comment below … so we will know.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next article!


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