REBEL Magnum cartridges


REBEL high-performance Magnum tattoo cartridges are designed to cover large skin surface areas as fast as possible causing the least amount of skin trauma. Besides this, they drive the solid pigments into the skin where they can remain to give a lifelong appearance.

These needle configurations are manufactures in a unique way to create a unique property. Magnum cartridge means that needles are laid down in a straight line and every other is lifted up creating a 2-layered zig-zag needle configuration. This structure gives room for the ink to be stored and evenly distributed in every puncture and also creates a much larger surface to make progress compared to the round shaders.

These needle configurations are ideal to create large solid tattoos like tribal tattoos or large color tattoos but capable of doing the same with transitional shading.

REBEL magnum configurations are specifically created for precision coverage among the many variations of REBEL cartridges.

    • Unique needle configuration for versatile use
    • Designed to cover large solid skin surface
    • Available in wide range needle configurations

They are not suitable for making outlines at all, but REBEL Magnum tattoo cartridges will perform like a charm and help you reach your most close-guarded dreams on human skin.

REBEL FREE SAMPLE – variety pack includes these needle configuration so you have a chance to try them out.