REBEL Round Liner cartridges



We engineer REBEL round liner cartridges to give nice, crisp, perfect-edge outlines or hard edge lines for photo-realistic tattoo artists. These configurations have their own features that make them mandatory to have.

These precision cartridges come in numerous needle configurations. We differentiate them by the number of tattoo needles that builds up the needle configuration. So we have 5-, 7-, 9-, 11 round liner and so on.

In addition, REBEL precision liner cartridges are manufactured from long .25mm. The .30mm medium and long tapered versions ensure the pinpoint needle grouping. In addition, the configurations made from the long tapered .25mm needles called BUG PIN. It refers to be so tight like a bug-pin needle.

Moreover, this precision needle manufacturing technique along with the high-performance membrane- and stabilization system makes the REBEL cartridge family standing out from the crowd and make it a favorite brand for many tattoo artists.

REBEL round liner tattoo needles are available in 16 configurations, from single needle liners to the bold line maker 18 Round liner configuration, including the very popular BUGPIN liner and POWER liner cartridges.

    • REBEL liner cartridges designed for line tattoo work
    • It fits all tattoo styles
    • wide selection needle configurations

REBEL FREE SAMPLE – variety pack includes samples from these needle configurations, thus you have a chance to prove them right.