REBEL Curved Magnum cartridges

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We design REBEL high-performance Curved Magnum tattoo cartridges to blend different hues/colors or shades without visible steps – but a smooth transition.

These needle configurations are different from the regular magnums because of the functionality. These tattoo needle assemblies are not lined up in a straight line, but rather an arch shape. So that the centered needles are the longest and all the adjacent needles are a little shorter toward the edges, in both directions.

The manufacturing idea is pretty much the same as the regular magnums. You have to life up every other needle to create this zig-zag unique magnum tattoo needle configuration.

In addition, this physical structure of needles gives this unique blending capability as the main property of the curved magnum needle configurations. This is why these type of tattoo cartridges are an unmatchable part of your tattoo shop inventory.

    • Designed to cover large skin surface
    • The main function is blending capability
    • Available in wide range needle configurations
    • REBEL cartridges will perform in all tattoo styles

You’ll see how fun these can be, and how they can be your key to creating signature tattoo pieces.

REBEL FREE SAMPLE – variety pack includes these needle configuration so you have a chance to try them out.

(8 customer reviews)