3 Rebellious Actions That Make You a Better Tattoo Artist

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rebel (noun)

one who rebels or participates in a rebellion

Artists are often labeled as rebels, but when it comes to the art of tattooing, being rebellious is a huge advantage: They do what they want, how they want, and it fuels their creativity. And if you take these 3 rebellious actions below, you can level up your efficiency and become a better tattoo artist. Let’s get to them now!


1. Pursuing Your Freedom

To be able to leverage your art, you need to be free. It’s crucial to find your own artistic freedom because this is the core of creation.

If your client trusts you enough to create a tattoo for her, she wants exclusively YOUR imagination to fly.

So don’t let people judge your tattoos and distract you by their opinion – they might not understand your art anyway. It’s your responsibility to give your canvas the signature she will have for a lifetime. You don’t paint walls that can

be fixed with a little paint anytime if you Oops didn’t nail it.

So, next time you start working on a sketch, get all the what-others-may-think-of-it thoughts out of your head, and follow what your rebellious, artistic inner voice says to you. Listen to it carefully and pursue your freedom.


2. Questioning The Status Quo

Artists have the power to open your eyes and reflect when norms are outdated. They are rebellious in a special way: they are autonomous, and question what seems to be normal.

Whenever the world is ready for a change, art responds to it and the rebellious provokes evolution.

Think of the big historical eras when rebels liberated the world from suffering from “being normal”, such as the Renaissance or the Roaring Twenties.

So how can you translate the acts of the rebel ancestors into your tattoo artwork? Question common beliefs and stereotypes:


Why is that?

Is it true?

Is it good?

Why should I believe that?

Is that normal?

What is normal?

What is acceptable? What is not?

Answer the questions above. Then let your thoughts form visions and embrace your sketches. Dare to think differently. And when a client wants an extraordinary tattoo, you can create a piece even more outstanding than before.


3. Breaking the Rules

In art, rules are only challenges. Having said that, there’s no right or bad way to do your art. And tattooing is a field in which you must unleash your creative potential.

If you break the rules, it means you’re curious, and nothing can hold you back. You want to explore and experience. And that’s what art wants you to do. Anything you learn from pushing boundaries will make you a better tattoo artist.

So, if someone goes to you saying ‘Why do you do this?’ Then say: ‘Why not?’. Especially because beauty is subjective. What is beautiful to you, might look nasty to your friend. And you know what? It’s totally fine.

You don’t need to adhere to trends to be successful. No thanks for “shoulds” can start a new chapter in your art, because following your own path is more valuable than doing “it all right”, but no great shakes.



Rebellious artists thrive because they act free, think free, live free. Their need for freedom drives them to become independent and productive.

Thus, question what is acceptable, have the courage to say “Yes, but…” and break free when others would tell you how you should do your art. Dare to follow your own head and heart, not of others, and this will give a special touch to your signature tattoo artwork that your client will have for a lifetime.